Fat Girl Fleamarket Requires Background Check

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We’re proud to announce our new background screening requirements for all vendors of the fat girl fleamarket.

The key step of pre-employment screening is the background check in which it is a process of compiling records of the prospective applicant’s financial, commercial and criminal information to assess his reliability. Furthermore, these background checks have the advantages that could prevent some human resource issues, here as follows:

The Advantages of Conducting Background Checks

  • Reduces Risk

Through background checks, employers could determine and evaluate an appropriate person with no disposition for employee fraud, unethical behavior, or brutality that may prevent future financial consequences in the work environment.


  • Decreases Costs

This process allows the business organizations minimize the cost of training by hiring the right person. And this will be attained through background checks that verify the information showed by the applicants.


  • Keeping Away from Negligent Hiring Litigation

Since it is the employer’s duty and responsibility to employ the qualified person, he is also liable for any damages brought by his employees. That is why it is very helpful for the employer to rely on background checks and to eradicate doubts regarding the competence and needed skills for the potential candidate.


  • Gives More Financial Benefit

Requesting background checks are just a fraction of the total amount of the hiring costs. Meaning, companies can have potential employees by saving their considerable time, money and effort during the recruiting process.


  • Promotes Honesty

Honesty between employers and employees creates a positive and strong relationship that leads to greater success of the company. Background checks give you an opportunity to make best decisions for your company.

The Disadvantages of Background Checks

Making use of background checks in recruiting procedures protects the companies from possible risks, safeguards the companies’ assets, and makes the employees secured and safe with their workplace. There are also disadvantages that must be considered before conducting background checks.

  • Expensive

Background checks are high-priced and the more extensive the background check, the more expensive it is.


  • Offensive

Not all people would understand the primary objective of background checks so they think you are disrespecting their personal privacy. And this may lead to lawsuits which is another cost for the company.


  • Unjust/Biased

Background checks tend to screen out criminal offenders that had happened many years ago or during their youth. So, the companies are making unjust judgment without letting the applicant explain of the said conviction.